Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home Ceramic Cookies Collection Handmade by Heidi Borchers. 

Home Sweet Home Ceramic Cookie Sizes Range From:

Smallest 1" Dia. x 1/2" Tall

Largest 1-5/8" Tall x 1-1/8" Wide

All of Heidi's 'Ceramic Cookies' are handcrafted from white clay. These collections are one of a kind. The clay is rolled out using a slab roller. Most of the shapes are metal and plastic cookie cutters that are pressed into the clay to create the shapes (some are hand cut). Fun rubber stamps are used to impress designs into the clay. The clay pieces are then completely dried, and placed into a kiln at 04 temperature setting. (1945 degrees) for 7 hours. They are then cooled for 8 to 10 hours. The pieces are now white and considered 'bisque'.
Each 'bisque' piece is then brushed with 3 to 4 coats of glaze colors, and details are then added. These are then fired again at 06 temperature setting (1828 degrees) for 7 hours, then cooled 8 to 10 hours. When completely cool to the touch, each piece is shiny and bright, and then removed from the kiln.

 Suggested Uses: Mosaics, Mixed Media, Collage, Jewelry, or Whatever Your Creative Heart Desires. 

Please note: these pieces do not tolerate freezing weather/snowy conditions. Please bring indoors during winter. All products are photographed under bright light. Colors may vary. All pieces are handmade so please embrace the occasional flaws. 

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